Three Reasons to Partner with a Boat Insurance Broker

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Three Reasons to Partner with a Boat Insurance Broker

By: Boater's Choice Insurance
Three Reasons to Partner with a Boat Insurance Broker
Insurance may not be the most exciting topic when you’re closing boat deals (we can think of dozens of more interesting ones, like horsepower and underwater LEDs). But here are three benefits to providing an insurance quote during every boat closing conversation:

1. Protect your dealership and your buyers by binding boats before they leave the lot.
While boat financing always requires proof-of-insurance, cash buyers also need coverage. Get every buyer a quick quote, and make sure there are no questions around who owns the boat and is liable for damages – including trailering and storage issues – before the boat leaves your dealership. In addition to protecting your own business, customers will appreciate that you’re being transparent and thoughtful about their potential financial risk.

2. Help your customers avoid one-size-fits-all policies.
Unlike auto and other vehicle policies, marine insurance is different. And your customers will benefit from boat-specific expertise. Between vessel types, where-and-how they’re used, if they’ll be moored or stored, and other details about financing and ownership, your customers will appreciate knowing how those factors affect their premiums. Boater’s Choice Insurance considers those aspects in writing each insurance policy to fit the owner’s unique boating needs.

3. Provide one-stop shopping – and savings – for your customers.
Save buyers time and money by offering financing, insurance and extended protection in one touch point. Boater’s Choice and our partners at Blue Water Finance can provide all three products at competitive prices – helping your buyers get on the water faster and more cost-effectively.

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