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What to Do if You Have a Loss

General Instructions

Please take the following steps or your claim could be denied.
  1. Immediately report all accidents/claims to Boater's Choice Insurance.
  2. Take all reasonable steps to protect the boat from further damage.
  3. Do not start permanent repairs or dispose of damaged parts until the insurance company can inspect the damage.
  4. Refer to your policy booklet to comply with any other requirements set forth by your insurance company.

Non-Emergency Claim

You can file a claim electronically at File Online Claim. A Boater’s Choice or insurance company representative will contact you the following business day.    


Emergency Claim Only

Please call the phone number below for your policy provider to get instant support 24/7.

Policy Holders with Atlantic Specialty / OneBeacon / Boater’s Choice
(N5JU / T5JU / C5JU / B5JU policy prefix):
800-768-2121, Option 3 - During Normal Business Hours
866-253-0325 - After Hours Emergency

Policy Holders with Chubb Recreational Marine
(YKR Y07 / YKR Y08/Y09 policy prefix):
800-768-2121, Option 3 - During Normal Business Hours
800-945-7461  - After Hours Emergency

Policy Holders with Progressive  
800-925-2886 (Normal Business Hours and After hours Emergency)


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