Will Homeowner’s Insurance Cover My Boat?

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Will Homeowner’s Insurance Cover My Boat?

By: Boater's Choice Insurance
Will Homeowner’s Insurance Cover My Boat?
If you own a boat, you need to insure it. Thankfully, you have options about how to cover your dream boat. And we’ve laid some of them out below.

Bundling with home and vehicle coverage may be an option.

Homeowner’ policies may offer coverage for your boat. Plus, some carriers will even offer a multi-policy discount for bundling different types of insurance. But it’s beneficial to compare a bundled policy with a boat insurance policy to ensure you have the right protection for your needs.

Are you willing to sacrifice coverage for cost?

When it comes to boats, there are significant tradeoffs to bundling coverage with home and auto investments. Multi-policy discounts are typically offset by limiting factors like:
  • size restrictions on boats
  • limitations on horsepower
  • caps on damage coverage
  • lack of liability coverage
In the long run, you’ll want to consider whether a multi-policy discount is worth the risk you’re taking by underinsuring your boat.

Compare with a custom policy for your dream boat.

Let’s face it: boats are different. Plus, how you use, transport, and store your boat are obviously far different from your other vehicles – probably different from how your neighbors use their boats. And a comprehensive boat insurance policy will be tailored to your unique boating needs. 

Getting the right policy for your needs starts with a boating specialist. They’ll write a truly custom policy that takes your unique factors into consideration, including: 
  • your boat type and size – ranging from skiffs to yachts
  • your engine types and horsepower
  • whether you’re financing your dream boat
  • where and how your boat is used
  • how and where you dock and/or store your boat, including slip or marina requirements
  • whether you have a real-time monitoring system
  • navigation areas
  • who’s driving your boat
  • how much liability coverage you need
  • special trip endorsements
  • lay-up terms if you need to store the boat for winter
Ultimately, a customized, comprehensive boat insurance policy provides peace of mind – whether you’re using your dream boat or planning your next marine adventure. The marine specialists at Boater’s Choice Insurance can give you a quick quote. Or call 800-768-2121 for a free consultation.