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Why choose Boater’s Choice Insurance?
Our agents specialize in underwriting boat insurance coverage and can help you customize a policy to meet your exact needs.

How long has Boater’s Choice Insurance been in business?
Boater’s Choice Insurance is administered by McGriff which has been in business since 1886 and is one of the top 10 largest insurance brokers in the world. The Boater’s Choice and McGriff partnership began in 2002.

Why is it important to insure my boat?
It is important to obtain protection for loss or damage to your boat. It’s also important to obtain protection for claims resulting in injury to others or damage to their property.

Is boat insurance required by law?
Yes, some states will require coverage based on the operating waters.

What are the essential covers?
Our policies generally provide liability and collision coverage as well as medical payments for accident-related injuries and damages to personal items.

Is there coverage for my dog?
Yes, your policy may extend coverage for pets. 

Can my boat be covered by my homeowner’s insurance?
Homeowner policies may offer coverage for your boat but they typically have size restrictions, limitations on horsepower and limits on damage coverage. It is best to compare with a boat insurance policy to ensure you have the right protection.

What is the average cost for boat insurance?
The cost will vary based on hull value, boater experience, navigation waters and storage.

Will my rate be higher if I am a new boat owner?
The insurance company will evaluate prior boat ownership and experience during the underwriting process.

Do I have to pay for insurance when my boat is winterized?
Yes, although discounts may be available during the period of winterization.

How do I bind insurance?
One of our underwriters can assist with binding coverage contingent upon approval.

How do I make payments, and can I pay in installments?
Most of our carriers will offer installment terms and payment may be made by mail, phone or online.

How do I file a claim? 
Contact us 800-768-2121, option 3

Can I talk to an agent for specific questions?
Yes, please contact us at 800-768-2121 for more information.

Who is the Loss payee?
A loss payee is the lender providing the loan for your boat.